2021 Dermal Solutions Picowave Laser


PicoWave: Wavelengths – 532nm, 785nm, 1064nm with options of 585nm, 650nm and fractional handpieces add to the appeal of this laser


2021 Dermal Solutions Picowave Laser

Picowave Laser


PicoWave: Picosecond platform

PicoWave is a second-generation picosecond device with a dedicated picosecond platform with a shorter pulse width. The claim is sometimes you need nanosecond and then sometimes you need picosecond. Nanosecond produces heat therefore creates sub-dermal scarring as it treats tattoos. The scar tissue encapsulates the tattoo ink and limits the body’s lymphatic system to remove the ink. There is no scientific reason a laser system would use a superseded technology to assist in the latest technology. We have seen many tattoos that have resisted fading due to the use of a nanosecond laser. We used other modalities such as a fractionated RF device to break up the scarred tissue to release the ink.
In the last 2 years the standard for tattoo removal has conclusively moved away from the Q-Switched laser systems to Picosecond systems. The new Picowave System has the shortest pulse width in comparison to other lasers on the market making it a lot faster and less invasive with outstanding results.

PicoWave: Wavelengths – 532nm, 785nm, 1064nm with options of 585nm, 650nm and fractional handpieces add to the appeal of this laser

Wavelengths of lasers refer to how deep a laser can reach in the skin and also different colours are attracted to certain wavelengths. The Picowave has 3 picosecond wavelengths 523nm, 785nm and 1064nm for tattoo removal. This scale is shallowest to the deepest respectively. 785nm is proven to be highly successful in treating the difficult blues and greens. Picowave has the ability to get rid of dermal and epidermal pigmentation very quickly without over stimulating the melanin so therefore the pigment is less likely to return as it is not overheating the skin.

2021 Dermal Solutions Picowave Laser

Picowave: 300ps @ 532nm, 300ps @ 785nm, 350ps @1064nm

Pulse duration refers to the speed that the laser is fired. The lower the number i.e. 300ps the faster the laser. This is the most important aspect to tattoo removal. The faster the laser the more shattering shockwave effect the laser has. Picowave is the only true 3 picosecond wavelength rated at 300ps for the 532nm, 300ps for the 785nm and 350ps for the 1064nm. In fact, the Picowave is the fastest in the world at 300ps.

Picowave: 1.0gw @ 1064nm, 0.53gw @ 532nm

The formula is Peak power = Energy (J)/ Pulse duration (S). You would never operate at maximum energy (fluence) regardless what skin type or tattoo you are treating because it would cause irreparable trauma in the skin tissue. Therefore, peak power is irrelevant when used for tattoo removal on human tissue it is just marketing because if the clinician used too much energy they would be over treating, risking bleeding and blisters. Peak power marketing may be more relevant when talking about industrial applications.The aim is to use the least amount of energy to create the fastest pulse duration. This ensures the least trauma to the tissue while treating. Ultimately, the only two specifications that matter are wavelengths and pulse duration.

Picowave: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 mm spot sizes with top hat beam for advanced optical technology which enables the laser power to distribute laser light homogeneously over the spot size.

Picowave has a square fractionated beam profile which ensures maximum delivery of energy deep into the skin while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin and tissue.

The larger the spot size, the deeper the laser reaches. The smaller the spot size the more concentrated the laser becomes. The correct protocol is to start on the largest spot size and increase the fluence and assess skin response. Based on the how the tattoo and skin handles the parameters the clinician will continue to reduce the spot size to achieve maximum effective threshold. This is the perfect balance of energy used to achieve results without damaging the tissue.

Picowave: Fractional technology

This is primarily used for facial rejuvenation by cell destruction in the dermal layer with little to zero epidermal disruption. This process stimulates new collagen and elastin production.


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