Alexandrite laser FineMEC Noblex Alex HR


Laser Type:Long Pulsed Alexandrite
Pulse Width:0.2 to 300 ms (triple)
Pulse Delay:0 to 50 ms
Output Energy:Up to 80 J
Control Panel:Touch Screen Input Interface
Electronic Control:Microprocessor
Repetition Rate:1 to 10 Hz
Spot Size:2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 mm
Spot Size Optional Fractional Handpiece:15 mm, 120-140 dots, 400 um (dot size)
Pulse Control:Footswitch
Beam Delivery:Lens-Coupled Optical Fiber with Handpiece
Electrical Requirements:AC 220 V / 20 A (50/60 Hz Single Phase)
Skin Cooling System:Selective RCS Cooling / Air Cooling (External)
Cooling Requirements:Closed Cycle Water to Air Heat Exchanger
Aiming Beam:5mW Laser Diode (650nm)
Dimensions:850 (H) x 385 (W) x 950 (D) mm
Weight:80 kg
Noblex (Long pulsed Alexandrite laser system)
Noblex is a long pulse Alexandrite laser system based on the latest technology and experienced engineers.
Noblex with Alexandrite applies the optional Fractional Handpiece for the first time in the world with excellent effects such as hair removal, whiitening, melasma, pigmented lesions, etc.

* Gas cooing system (RCS)
* Big spot size (20mm)
* High power setting

* Hair Removal – Fine Hair, Medium Hair, Thick Hair
* Melasma
* Pigmented Lesion, Freckle, Lentigo
* Whitening

The Noblex 755nm Laser is one of the fastest and painless hair removal system in the market that will compete with confidence! Full back hair removal can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

* “New generation Whitening and Melasma” treatment
* Excellent absorption in Melanin by 755nm
* Innovative & Selective RCS/Air Cooling
* Adjustable Dual Cylinder Zoom Handpiece
* Uniform Beam Quality from 2 to 20mm
* Stable Output with Square Pulse type
* Durable & User Friendly Fiber Optic Arm

Manufacturer Warranty:1 Year/500K Shot Warranty Covers Major Mechanical Failure. Warranty does not cover travel, handpiece, fiber optic cable, rod and lamp.


Alexandrite laser FineMEC Noblex 755nm Hair Removal Laser with Manufacturer Training Session at your Location and 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (see below for Warranty details); Includes: Handpiece, Patient Eyewear, Operator Eyewear, Footswitch, Interlock, Water Refill Kit, Key, Operator Manual and Warning Sign. km

  • Introduction
  • Noblex is an excellent long-pulsed Alexandrite laser with fractional handpiece, firstly invented and patented by FineMEC.

  • Alexandrite has a great effect on permanent hair reduction in the Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI through selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles.

  • By selectively concentrating heat only on the melanin pigment with properties of a high absorption of melanin, it gives little damage to skin tissue.

  • Outstanding RCS Gas Cooling

Indication of Long-pulsed Alexandrite LASER (755nm)

  • Selective “Pre-/Post- treatment” gas cooling rapidly and effectively cool down the epidermis

  • The special sensor automatically adjusts the pressure and temperature of the container

  • Safe treatment, less side effect, more effective treatment results

Noble Technique

  • New generation whitening and melasma treatment
  • 755nm wavelength has high absorption by not only melanin, but also by melanocyte and melanosome and destroys them selectively and effectively


  • Stable and powerful output up to 70J

  • Dual Cylinder Zoon Handpiece with a variety of spot sizes (2~20mm)

  • Selective gas cooling (RCS) & air cooling

  • Wide range advanced parameters – total 24 memories with preset parameter 755nm, the only wavelength which is effective for treating fine and light hair

  • Patented 755nm fractional handpiece (Optional)

  • Cutting-edge technology with the newest advanced generation of 755nm fractional handpiece provides an outstanding brightening and melasma treatment over 130 dots (400um size) protecting sensible skin and minimizing the risk of PIH and hypo-pigmentation.

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