Mindray SV300 Ventilator

Mindray SV300 Ventilator is portable and easy-to-install. Weighing less than 10 kg, this compact device can be easily carried and can even support the patient while on transport.


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A comprehensive ventilator for demanding ICU environments

Mindray SV300 Ventilator is portable and easy-to-install. Weighing less than 10 kg, this compact device can be easily carried and can even support the patient while on transport. Integrated with a powerful turbine, the SV300 can run independently from the central gas supply, ensuring seamless respiratory support at all times. Prior to ventilation, the turbine’s inspiratory gas passes through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters providing high-level protection against infection.

With extensive ventilation modes such as APRV and powerful tools such as low flow pressure-volume (PV), the SV300 can adapt and even support those with severe respiratory conditions.

Key Features
Intuitive 12.1” TFT touchscreen display
The adjustable screen that can be tilted to suit users’ needs
Supports high-flow oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation, and invasive ventilation
Integrated SpO2 monitoring
Supports both mainstream and sidestream options of EtCO2
Weaning indicators including P0.1, NIF, and RSBI
ICU package options: APRV, PRVC, ATRC, PV Tool
Automated IntelliCycle tool to enhance patient-ventilator synchrony
Backup air supply provides up to 210 L/min of flow
Up to 6 hours of internal battery support
Detachable and autoclavable inspiratory and expiratory valves
Extensive storage allows up to 72 hours of trend data and 5000 events
Seamlessly connect to third party clinical information systems via Mindray’s BeneLink and eGateway modules, or directly via HL7

Mindray presents SV 300 lung turbine ventilator with time, flow, or pressure cycling for use on adult and pediatric patients with a minimum Vt of 20 mL that can be used in Intensive, Sub-Intensive, First Aid, Post-Operative and Pneumology Therapy. Thanks to its small size, the turbine technology, the internal battery with a duration of 2 hours (4 hours with the optional second battery inserted), and the Cylinder Holder, the fan can also be used in intra-hospital transport, with or without a trolley.

The fan is available in either a hanging or trolley configuration, complete with an integrated nebulizer and RS232 output. The fan has an integrated 12.1 ”adjustable color touch screen that allows you to view up to 4 curves in real-time simultaneously.

Mindray SV300 has a wide range of ventilation modes and functions that are usually the prerogative of fans used in intensive care. Furthermore, we wanted to integrate unique and unparalleled features compared to those proposed by competing companies.

As a high-end ventilator, SV800 can provide safer and more reliable experience for ICU clinicians and patients. Don’t be fooled by the compact size of the SV300 ventilator. It comes with extensive ventilation modes and equipped with functions that are usually found on intensive care ventilators. We also integrated unique features that you won’t even find among top-end competitors.

Mindray SV300 Ventilator is a state-of-the-art ventilator that ’s simple to configure, easy to operate, and versatile in use. It is equipped with extensive ventilation modes that can be applied to pediatric and adult patients with all acuity levels in ICUs and intermediate care. With the built-in high-performance turbine, SV300 provides excellent spontaneous breathing capabilities for invasive and non-invasive applications and makes it independent from the central gas supply.

Intensive care unit options package
PV Tool

Volumetric CO 2 measurement
Dead airway space
Elimination of CO 2

Therapy O 2
Enrichment O 2
Adjustable flow

Extended monitoring
4 tracks
2 loops
72 hours of numerical patient trends
5000 events

Weaning indicators

Intelli Cycle
Automatic passage
Better patient synchrony with the ventilator


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