Sonoscape E1 Portable Ultrasound System


SonoScape A6 is a low-cost black system. Two active probe interfaces are available and internal battery allows to scan for up to 3 hours on a complete charge.

Ease of Use:
• Quick Boot Up
• Auto Brightness Adjustment
• Auto Image Optimisation
• Auto IMT
• Auto Trace

• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Available
• 500GB Hard Disk
• Height adjustable trolley
• Durable carry case

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Sonoscape E1 Portable Ultrasound System

The SonoScape E1 is categorized as an economy portable ultrasound system that is designed for abdominal, cardiac, gynecology, musculoskeletal, obstetrical, pediatric, small parts, cephalic, urology, veterinary, and vascular exams. More advanced hardware and software platforms has been developed from the older generation, SonoScape A6; the SonoScape E1 integrated a number of advanced imaging technologies such as the full digital broad band width beam former, wide band dynamic range, and multi-beam parallel processing. Although it is targeting a B/W low-cost market, it supports PW Doppler, Auto IMT, Spatial Compounding, Auto Image Optimization, Stand-by Mode, Enhanced Needle Visualization, Panoramic imaging with 2 standard probe ports and 15.6″ LED monitor. The SonoScape E1 and E2 share a similar system architecture, however, the SonoScape E2 incorporates more options enable to better cover clinical applications and workflow.

Always looking to improve our products and to bring you the medical solutions you need, SonoScape has developed a new probe and function for the E1 Exp. With these additions the E1 Exp will bring users a more efficient examination experience with satisfying image quality and a smooth workflow.

Efficient Diagnosis
μ-Scan, Speckle Reduction & Edge Enhancement
Spatial Compound Imaging
PIH – Pure Inversion Harmonic
Wide Scan – Enlarged Image Area
Tissue Specific Imaging
SR Flow

Ergonomic Designs 
Up to 2 Transducer Ports
Light Weight and Compact
15.6 inch Anti-flickering HD LED Screen
Tilting Monitor Angle Adjustment
Backlit Keyboard and Intelligent Panel
Long-lasting Battery for 90 mins

Ease of Use
Quick Boot Up
Auto Brightness Adjustment
Auto Image Optimization
Auto IMT
Auto Trace

Equipped Accessories 
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Available
500GB Hard Disk
Height Adjustable Trolley
Durable, Carry-on Site Suitcase

SonoScape E1 Probes/Transducers:
Abdominal Convex Probe

Micro-Convex Cardiarc Probe

Endocavity Probe

Linear Probe

SonoScape E1 Features:
• μScan function
• 5-band adjustable frequency in B mode
• Tissue acoustic characteristics index (TSI)
• THI mode
• PHI mode
• Quad beams
• 2D steer
• Compound imaging
• Biopsy
• Magnifying the whole image
• B/M/PW/CW auto optimization
• TEI index
• IMT measurement
• Standby mode
• Auto full screen magnification
• Show gallery
• DICOM3.0

SonoScape E1 Peripheral Options:
• WiFi
• Biopsy bracket
• Color ink-jet printer
• B/W video printer
• Foot switch
• Trolley
• Backpack (with draw-bar)
• DVD record
• Remote control
• Barcode scanner
• Hard disk (1T)
• SSD hard disk
• General battery
• Large capacity battery

SonoScape E1 Applications:
• Abdominal
• Vascular
• Cardiac
• Gyn/OB
• Urology
• Musculo-skeletal
• Small organ
• Pediatric
• Cephalic
• Fetal
• Trans-rectal
• Trans-vaginal

SonoScape E1 Review:
The Sonoscape E1 is a low-cost B/W, but supports P/W Doppler as an optional, portable ultrasound machine that adopts advanced ultrasound technologies. The same architecture is used for the SonoScape E2, but narrowing down its target market for low-cost B/W market and Veterinary clinics, the possible options are not limited as the Sonoscape E2. Based on flexible and stable Linux operation and interfaces, the SonoScape E1 can be maintained and updated by simple software updates. The SonoScape E1 is one of the most valuable devices for Veterinary application with specific animal body marks and image presets. Since the system architecture is the same as the SonoScape E2, the image performance with basic transducer options are the same. Its image resolution and pixel expression are good in near and mid field, but relatively far field below 12 Cm shows a limited performance. Color Doppler is not available, but the PW Doppler sensitivity is good and acceptable based on its positioning and price point.


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