Vision Medical Smartgraft FUE Hair Transplant System


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Vision Medical Smartgraft FUE Hair Transplant System

Prior to SmartGraft®, hair restoration procedures could require surgery, leaving a large linear scar across the back of the head. Recovery time was slow and very uncomfortable.

SmartGraft is a smart option for both men and women searching for a permanent solution to hair loss. SmartGraft uses a combination of precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology rather than a scalpel.

The procedure can be done with more precision in less time than many other FUE methods. Patients can go back to work in one or two days, and results look and feel completely natural. Instructions on what to do to get prepared for the day of the procedure will be given to you.

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martGraft Hair Transplant System
Harvest hair grafts more efficiently, safely, and quickly, while keeping grafts moist, chilled, and robust prior to hair implantation.

Innovative Hair Transplant System for Men and Women
Developed by physicians, medical scientists, and engineers, SmartGraft uses the most innovative technology in advanced hair restoration for both men and women – SmartHarvest Technology. This allows the operator to harvest grafts more efficiently, safely, and quickly, while keeping grafts moist, chilled, and robust prior to implantation. It also allows the physician to harvest grafts from other parts of the body, such as the chest and face, for better results, and incorporates the most critical component of hair transplantation – the human artistry required for proper facial framing.

The SmartGraft Advantage:
Minimally invasive, faster healing time with virtually no discomfort or interruption of lifestyle for your patients
Advanced harvesting method for shorter procedure times and fatigue
Ideal solutions for both men and women of all hair types
Natural looking results
Solutions for other permanent hair loss areas, such as the body, facial hair and eyebrows.

Vision Medical Smartgraft FUE Hair Transplant System

How Does SmartGraft Work & Why Is It Better?
SmartGraft is the newest Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) device on the market, allowing physicians to remove the hair follicular units with more precision and less trauma than any other method. SmartGraft works by gently removing the hair grafts with suction while storing them in a temperature-controlled environment where they are kept healthy and hydrated without additional manipulation. Many physicians prefer these optimal conditions for the best outcome for hair growth after the hair implantations. Only SmartGraft is fully programmable to manage the rapid removal and allow shorter transplantation times, allowing your patients to get back to their activities quickly.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplantation?
FUE is a less invasive surgical procedure that removes individual hair follicles from the donner site, usually the back of the head, to areas of evident hair loss or thinning. A hairline is designed and individual grafts are placed to create the most natural appearance. Unlike prior methods, such as the strip method, SmartGraft does not leave visible scarring and delivers natural results with minimal discomfort or downtime.


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