2017 Lutronic Infini RF




2017 Lutronic Infini RF

INFINI is unique technology that puts you in control of your skin rejuvenation procedure. You control the treatment depth and energy levels to enable a multi-layered approach for customized treatments, regardless of skin type or tan. Now you can provide the best solution that will keep your patients returning and referring you to new patients.

Precise delivery of radio frequency through isolated microneedles – for reliable, reproducible results.

INFINI treatments for hyperhidrosis: The mode of operation of the therapy is based on the supply of bipolar radio frequency energy with the help of the inserted needles, exactly where the sweat glands are located. The energy pulse is only released when the needles have penetrated to the desired skin depth. The resulting heat is said to irreversibly destroy the sweat glands and the innervating postsynaptic fibers of the sympathetic nerve. Sweating is reduced by about 50 percent after just one session.

49 Insulated needles direct radio frequency waves up to 3.5 millimeters deep into the skin. The warming of deeper layers of skin activates the collagen fibers. This stimulates the collagen build-up and thus stops a natural process of the aging process. The skin receives a “lifting”.

2017 Lutronic Infini RF

The settings of the needle length from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm and the intensity can be individually adapted to the patient’s skin and so all existing skin layers can be treated effectively.

The INFIN has a very simple and user-friendly display. You can intuitively determine the perfect settings for your treatment in three steps.
1.Select Treatment Zone
2.Select Pass Depth
3.Select Intensity


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