Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus


Sirona Galileos Dental Cone Beam Imaging System The system captures images using the lowest possible radiation dose and is designed to provide high-quality images for implant planning, treatment guide design, jaw function analysis and more.

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Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus

GALILEOS Comfort Plus is an advanced CBCT that provides seamless work flow integration. With an optional HD mode and a 14 second scan, the GALIELOS offers clinicians and specialists numerous options for diagnosis, treatment and patient consultation with superior image quailtiy and low radiation dose. It includes Integrated Implantology and FaceScan, which helps patients better understand and accept treatment recommendations. SICAT Function enables diagnosis and treatment of TMD, and SICAT Air (coming soon) software allows you to anyalze airways.


High-Quality Images:
This dental imaging system is able to position itsef and capture a superior quality of images with each scan, ultimately ensuring that you are receiving the detailed images you need, every time.

This imaging system provides crisp panoramic images to your practice with sensors built for high-quality 2D images. With multiple modes, it’s meant to give you the images you need.

3D Conebeam:
Equipped with a high-quality, 3D sensor, this machine is capable of producing crisp and detailed representations of what you need to see. It’s cross-sectional images provide you with the high precision you need.

Medium Field of View:
The 15×12 cm field of view option on this machine function allows for the versatility of a standard field of view.

Sirona Galileos Dental Cone Beam Imaging System /Full Complete System Software and Hardware :
– Phantom
– Workstation
– Display Monitor
– Software
– Manuals

– 3D
– Galileos Comfort includes the following 3D views: pan with 3D slice navigation, TSA, axial, sagittal, coronal, 3D model, implant alignment and one-click op reports.
– The system’s ellipsoid field of of view (15 x 12 cm) captures the complete dentition, as well as the ascending rami and sinus regions.
– Adjustable collimation can save time and reduce patient exposure by allowing you to scan only the regions of interest.
– The unit features standing, face-to-face image programming as well as a patented head positioner, ensuring patient comfort and proper positioning.

Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus

Compact Model D3437

Approximately 1100 CT images taken

Operating PC included

FOV of the Gallileos Compact is 12×12 cm

Crystal Clear 3D/CT images

Seamless Cerec Integration


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